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FLK, Maiko Gully.(BED II).

Latitude / Longitude



A:FLK, Maiko Gully.(BED II).
B:Erosion slope about 180 m(200 yds) S of site FLK.
E:M.Matumbo, assistant to L.S.B.Leakey, 1963(OH 16): M.Mutala and E.Kandini, assistants to M.D.Leakey, 1969(OH 30).
F:Surface, eroded from clays low in Bed II. In situ at base of clay with roots cases, 0-7m(2 ft) above Tuff IF at top of Bed 1(OH 16). Surface, Lower Bed II, inferred same horizon as OH 16 (OH 30). L.S.B.Leakey and M.D.Leakey 1964, Recent discoveries of fossil hominids in Tanganyika: at Olduvai and near Lake Natoron Nature, Lond., 202: 5-7. M.D.Leakey 1969, Recent discoveries of hominid remains at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Nature, Lond., 210: 462(OH 16).
H:Lower Pleistocene.
I:Oldowan. M.D.Leakey 1971, Olduvai Gorge, Vol.3, Cambridge.
M:OH 16. young adult: calotte(ff); upper rt I1, I2, C(ff), P3-M3 and lt I1(ff), I2(ff), P3, P4, M1(ff), M2, M3; lower rt I2, C(f), P3-M3 and lt I1, I2, P3(ff), P4, M1(f), M2(f), M3. OH 30. cranial fragments, upper rt C, M1(f), dm1, dm2(f) and lt C(f), P3, P4(f), M1, dm1(ff); lower rt I1, I2 and lt I1, C, M1(f).