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B:Erosion slope and on occupation floor at site FLK NN, about 365 m (40 yds) N of site FLK.
E:J.H.E.Leakey, 2 November 1960(OH 7); P.Nzube, assistant to M.D.Leakey, 28 November 1969(OH 33); assistants to L.S.B.Leakey, 1960(OH 8, 43, 45, 46, 48-52).
F:In situ on palaeosol in Bed I about 4-5 m(15 ft) above basalt and slightly below level of OH 5 at site FLK(OH 7, 8, 43, 48-52); surface, presumed same horizon(OH 33, 45, 46). M.D.Leakey 1971, Olduvai Gorge, Vol.3, Cambridge.
H:Lower Pleistocene.
I:Oldowan. M.D.Leakey 1971.
J:Simopithecus cf. oswaldi, Otocyon recki, Pseudocivettictis ingens, Potamochoerus intermedius, Gazella wellsi. M.Leakey 1971, in M.D.Leakey 1971.
K:OH 8 tarsus: eU308=150 ppm.
L:A3: c.1-78 Myr(KA-850) on basis of K/Ar dating of ash 2-5 cn above occupation floor. L.S.B.leakey, J.F.Evernden and G.H.Curtis 1961, Age of Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanganyika, Nature, Lond., 191: 478-479. G.H.Curtis and R.L.Hay 1972, Futher geological studies ahd potassium-argon dating at Oldvai Gorge and Ngorongoro Crater, in W.W.Bishop and J.A.Miller(eds) 1972, Calibration of Hominoid Evolution, Edinburgh and Toronto: 289-301.
M:OH 7. juvenile: lt and re parietalia(ff); mandibula, lt I1-M2, rt I1-M1; phalanges proximalis II and IV, phalanges media II-V, phalanx distalis I and 2 others. Holotype of Homo habilis Leakey, Tobias and Napier, 1964. Plate 18. Associated bones (probably the same individual): rt scaphoideum, rt trapezium, lt capitatum, metacarpale II(f), fragments. (Associated proximal phalanges of an adult are probably not hominid). OH 8. lt pes comprising 7 ossa tarsi and 5 metatarsalia. OH 33. 5 fragments of parietale and occipitale. OH 43. (originally published as H.8). lt metatarsalia III, V. OH 45. (originally published as H.7). upper lt M1. OH 46. (originally published as H.8). probably distal part crown upper rt P4. OH 48. (originally published as H.8). lt clavicula. OH 49. (originally published as H.8), diaphysis radius(f). OH 50. (originally published as H.8) costa(f). OH 51.(originally published as H.8). rt scaphoideum, trapezium, base metacarpalis II. OH 52. (originally published as H.8). lt capitatum.