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Fort Ternan.

Latitude / Longitude



A:Fort Ternan.
B:In excavation on land formerly owned by F.Wicker at Fort Ternan, 64 km E of Kisumu on Lake Victoria.
E:H.Mukiri and other assistants to L.S.B.Leakey, 1961(KNM- FT46), 1962 (KNM- FT45), 1967(KNM- FT7), not known(KNM- FT3318).
F:Tuffs interbedded with lava flows, Bed 6 or 7. W.W.Bishop and F.Whyte 1962, Tertiary Mammalin Faunas and Sediments in Karamoja and Kavirondo, East Africa, Nature, Lond., 196: 1283-1287.
H:Middle Miocene(equivalant ato Vindobonian). W.W.Bishop and J.A.Miller(eds) 1972, Calibration of Hominoid Evolution, Edinburgh.
J:Leakeymys ternani, Drypithecus cf. africanus, Dryopithecus cf, nyanzae, cf. Limnopithecus legetet, Gomphotherium, Paradiceros mukirii, Palaeotragus primaevus, Oioceros tanyceras, Protragocerus labidotus. R.Lavocat 1964, Fossil Rodents from Fort Ternan, Kenya, Nature, Lond., 202: 1131. C.S.Churcher 1970, Two New Upper Miocene Giraffids from Fort Ternan, Kenya, East Africa in L.S.B.Leakey and R.J.G.Savage(eds) 1970, Fossil Vertebrates of Africa, Vol.: 1-105. A.W.Gentry 1970, The Bovidae(Mammalia) of the Fort Ternan Fossil Fauna, in L.S.B.Leakey and R.J.G.Savage(eds) 1970: 243-323. P.J.Andrews and A.C.Walker 1976, the Primate and Other Fauna from Fort Ternan, Kenya, in G.Ll.Isaac and E.R.McCown(eds) 1976, Human Origins, Menlo Park: 279-304. D.A.Hooijer 1968, A.Rhinoceros from the Late Miocene of Fort Ternan, Kenya, Zool. Meded. Leiden, 43: 77-92.
L:A3: c. 1-4-12-5 Myr basis of K/Ar dating of underlying tuff and overlying phonolite. J.F.Evernden, D.E.Savage, G.H.Curtis and G.T.James 1962, Potassium-argon dates and the Cenozoic mammalian chronology of North America, AM. J. Sci., 262: 145-198. 14-7 +- 0-7 and 14-0 +- 0-2 Myr on basis of K/Ar dating of biotite from Bed 5. 12-5 +- 0-4 and 12-6 +- 0-7 Myr on basis of 40Ar/39Ar dating of phonolite 22 m (70 ft) above Bed 6-7. W.W.Bishop, J.A.Miller and F.J.Fitch 1969, New potassium-argon age determinations relevant to the Miocene Fossil mammal sequence in East Africa, Am. J. Sci., 267: 669-699. P.J.Andrews and A.C.Walker 1976.
M:FT 7. rt corpus mandibulae(f), P4 M1. FT 8. lt upper maxilla(f), C(unerupted). FT 45. lt corpus mandibulae(f), P3, P4. mesial roots of M1, alveoli of I1-C. FT46/47. lt maxilla(f), C, P4-M2, roots of P3; rt maxilla(f), M1, M2, roots of M3. Holotype of Kenyapithecus wickeri Leakey, 1962. Plate 4. FT48. lower rt M2. FT3318 lower rt C. FT45,46/47 are thought to be individual.