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Gwisho B.

Latitude / Longitude



A:Gwisho B.
B:Site B, Gwisho Hotsprings, Lochinvar National Park, Monze District, Southern Province.
E:Excavations by B.M.Fagan and F.L.van Noten, 1963-1964.
F:Calcareous spring deposite. B.M.Fagan and F.L.van Noten 1971, The Hunter-Gatherers of Gwisho, Tervuren.
G:Shallow burials within the spring deposits.
H:Holocene. B.M.Fagan and F.L.van Noten 1971.
I:Later Stone Age, cf. Wilton. B.M.Fagan and F.L.van Noten 1971.
J:Extant fauna. B.M.Fagan and F.L.van Noten 1971.
L:A2: 5000-3000 BP. Duration of occupation of Gwisho B indicated by three C14 dates: depth 0-45-0-47 m 3660 +- 70 BP (GrN-4305); depth 0-61-0-62 m 3680 +- 70 BP(GrN-4306); depth 1-70-1-80 m 4785 +- 70 BP(GrN-4307).
M:GSB 1. juvenile: skeleton(ff). GSB 1A. adult: mandibula(f). GSB 1A,2. parietale(f). GSB 2. juvenile: skeleton(ff). GSB 3. adult male(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 3,2. adult: maxilla(f). GSB 4A. juvenile: skeleton(ff). GSB 4B. adult: cranium, mandibula(ff). GSB 5. adult female(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 6. adult female(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 7. adult female(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 8. juvenile female(?): skeleton(ff). GSB IB,8. infant: skeleton(ff). GSB 9. adult male: skeleton(ff). GSB 10. infant: skeleton(ff). GSB 11. adult female: skeleton(ff). GSB.12. adult male(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 13. infant: skeleton(ff). GSB 14. infant: skeleton(ff). GSB IA,14. adult: skull(ff), I(f). GSB 15. adult female(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 16. juvenile: skeleton(ff). GSB 17. adult male(?): skeleton(ff). GSB 18. juvenile: skeleton(ff). GSB 19. adult male: skeleton(f). GSB 20. adult: ossa longa(ff).