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Haua Fteah.

Latitude / Longitude



A:Haua Fteah.
B:Cave about 60 m above sea level, 8 km E of Apollonia, at foot of escarpment, about 500m from shore.
E:Assistant to R.Hey, 1952; assistant to D.B.M.McBurney, 1955.
F:Margins of large hearth within occupation level in cave-earth. Layer XXXIII. C.B.M.McBurney 1961, Absolute Age of Pleistocene and Holocene deposits in the Haua Fteah, Nature, Lond., 192: 685-686. C.B.M.McBurney 1967, Haua Fteah and the Stone Age of the south east Mediterranean, Cambridge: 1-387.
H:Early Wurm interstadial, cf. Brorup. C.B.M.McBurney 1967.
I:Levalloiso-Mousterian. C.B.M.McBurney, J.C.Trevor and L.H.Wells 1953a, The Haua Fteah Fossil Jaw, J1 R. anthrop. Inst., 83: 71-85.
J:Ammotragus, Alcelaphus, Gazella and other bovids, and Equus. E.S.Higgs 1960, Some Mediterranean Faunas of the Medeterranean Coastal Areas, Proc.prehist.Soc.(N.S.), 27: 144-154. C.Emiliani 1964, Paleotemperature Analysis of Fossil Shells of Marine Molluscs, in H.Craig(ed.) 1964, Isotopic and Cosmic Chemistry, Amsterdam: 133-156.
K:Human mandibula 1: eU308=8ppm, N=0-2%. Human mandibula 2: F=0-07%, 100F/P205=0-3, eU308=11ppm, N=0-3%. Animal bones layres xxx-xxxiii: F=0-03%. 100F/P205=0-1, eU308=3ppm, N=0-2%.
L:A2: 47,000+3200-2300 BP (GrN-2023) on basis of C14 dating of associated burnt bone. J.C.Vogel & H.T.Waterbolk 1963, Groningen Radiocarbon Dates IV, Radiocarbon, 5: 172. C.B.M.McBurney 1961.
M:Haua Fteah 1. female, 15-25 yrs: lt ramus and part lt corpus mandibulae(ff), M2, M3. Haua Fteash 2. female, 15-20 yrs: lt ramus mandibulae(ff).