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B:In erosion gully at Kanam West, near the foot of Homa Mountain, about 750 m from the S shore of the Kavirondo Gulf, near Lake Victoria.
E:J.Gitau, assistant to L.S.B.Leakey, 29 March 1932, during East African Archaeological Research Expedition.
F:Possibly Kanam Beds. Conference report 1933, Early Human Remains in East Africa, Man, 33: 65-68. L.S.B.Leakey 1935, Stone Age Races of Kenya, London: 15. P.V.Tobias 1968, Middle and Early Upper Pleistocene Members of the Genus Homo in Africa in G.Kurth(ed.) 1968, Evolution and Hominisation, Stuttgart: 176-194. Possibly calcrete block post-dating Kanam Beds. K.P.Oakley 1975, A Reconsideration of the Date of the Kanam Jaw, J.Archaeol. Sci. 2: 151-152.
H:Age uncertain. P.G.H.Boswell 1935, Human Remains from Kanam and Kanjera, Kenya Colony, Nature, Lond., 135: 371. P.V.Tobias 1962, A Re-examination of the Kanam Mandible, in G.Mortelmans and S.Nenquin(eds) 1962, Proceedings of the 4th Pan-African Congress of Prehistory, 1: 341-360. Lower Pleistocene. L.S.B.Leakey 1935: 18. Middle Pleistocene. P.V.Tobias 1968. D.P.Oakley 1975.
J:Deinotherium bozasi, Stylohipparion albertehsis, Ceratotheriumsimum, Hippopotamus imaguncula, Giraffa camelopardalis, Libytherium olduvaiensis. H.B.S.Cooke 1963, Pleistocene Mammal Faunas of Africa, with Particular Reference to Southern Africa, in F.C.Howell and f.Bouliere(eds) 1963, African Ecology and Human Evolution, Publs. Anthrop. Viking Fund, vol.36: 78-84.
K:Mandible: F=1-4-2-2%, 100F/P205=8-30, eU308=4-12ppm. Animal bones: F=1-6-3-4%, 100F/P205=10-14, eU308=16-214ppm. K.P.Oakley 1975.
M:Kanaml. adult: rt corpus mandibulae(ff), symphyseal region, rt P3-4. Pathological. Holotype of Homo kanamensis Leakey, 1935. Plate 5.