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Klasies River Mouth.

Latitude / Longitude



A:Klasies River Mouth.
B:Cave No.1, 40 km W of Cape St Francis and 120 km W of Port Elizabeth, Cape Proveince.
E:Team working with J.J.Wymer, University of Chicago Archaeological Expedition, directed by R.Singer, about 1968.
F:Cave deposits, layer 14.
G:No evidence of burial.
H:Upper Pleistocene. Last Interglacial.
I:Full Middle Stone Age, Mossel Bay phase(Eds). R.Singer and J.Wymer 1969, A new Middle Stone Age cave site in South Africa, Am. J. phys. Anthrop., 31: 256. Late Stone Age. C.G.Sampson 1968, The Middle Stone Age industries of the Orange River Scheme area National Mus. Bloemfontein. Mem. 4: 110.
J:Fauna mainly extant forms, but some extinct, including Pelorovis. R.G.Klein 1974, Environment and subsistence of prehistoric man in the Southern Cape Province. South Africa, Wld Archaeol., 5: 249-284.
K:KRM 1: N=0-26%; KRM 2: N=0-20%(UCLA-1743).
L:A3: > 38,000 BP on basis of C14 dating of carbon in overlying layer of Final Middle Stone Age (Magosian=Howieson's Poort phase). R.G.Klein 1974.
M:KRM 1. adult: mandibula with dentes. KRM 2. adult: mandibula with dentes. KRM unnumberd.