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Leopard's Hill.

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A:Leopard's Hill.
B:Cave in S side of limestone ridge 1 km W of Leopard's Hill Ranch-house which lies 52 km SW of Lusaka, Central Province.
E:R.P.Odendaal and J.D.Clark, 1946.
F:Recovered from spoil of commercial guano excavations(Leopard's Hill 1). Recovered in situ from occupation level exposed by commercial excavation (Leopard's Hill 2). Zambia National Mouments Commission records.
H:Late Pleistocene/Holocene. S.F.Miller 1972, Archaeological Sequence of the Zambian Later Stone Age, Proc. 6th Pan-Afr. Congr. Prehist., Dakar, 1967.
I:Late Stone Age, cf. Nachikufan. Probably 'proto-Late Stone Age' (Leopard's Hill 2). S.F.Miller, in preparation.
J:Faunal remains from the site are being studied by H.B.S.Cooke. For a preliminary note see H.B.S.Cooke 1950, in J.D.Clark 1950, Stone Age Cultures of Northern Rhodesia, Cape Town: 138-141.
L:Leopard's Hill 1. Position uncertain in Late Stone Age sequence dated by C14 from 16,715 +- 125 BP (SR-126) to 1415 +- 125 BP(SR-126). S.F.Miller 1971, The Age of the Nachikufan Industries in Zambia, S. Afr. archaeol. Bull., 26: 143-146. Leopard's Hill 2. A2. 25,000 - 20,000 BP on basis of C14 dates from charcoal probably from the same layer: 23,600 +- 360 BP (UCLA-1429A), 22,600 +- 510 BP(UCLA-1429B0) 21,550 +- 950 BP(GX-957). S.F.Miller 1972.
M:Leopard's Hill 1. occipitale(f). Leopard's Hill 2. parietale(ff).