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Olduvai Gorge.

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A:Olduvai Gorge.
B:River Gorge in the Serenteti Plains at the western margin of the Eastern Rift Valley, NNW of Ngorongoro Crater, 160 km NW of Arusha, Northern Tanzania. The distribution of sites is shown in Fig.3.
F:Interbedded volcanic and sedimentary deposits of alluvial, lacustrine and aeolian origin subdivided into Beds I-IV, Masek, Nduto and Naisiusiu. R.L.Hay 1976, Geology of the Olduvai Gorge, Berkeley.
H:Lower to uppermost Pleistocene. R.L.Hay 1976.
I:Oldwan and Acheulian cultures in Beds I-IV. M.D.Leakey 1971a, 0lduvai Gorge, Vol.3, Cambridge: 9-16. M.D.Leakey 1971b, Discovery of Postcranial Remains of Homo erectus and Associated Artefacts in Bed IV at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Nature, Lond., 232: 380-383. M.D.Leakey, R.L.Hay, D.L.Thurber, R.Protsch and R.Berger 1972, Stratigraphy, archaeology, and the age of the Ndutu and Naisiusiu Beds, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Wld Archaeol., 3: 328-341.
J:Extensive fauna including numerous species of Mammalia, Reptilia, Aves, Amphibia, Pisces and Mollusca. L.S.B.Leakey 1965, Olduvai Gorge 1951-61, Vol. 1: 1-118. A.W. and A.Gentry 1977, Fossil; Bovidae(Mammalia) of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist., (Geol.)30. P.M.Butler and M.Greenwood 1976, in R.J.G.Savage and S.C.Coryndon(eds) 1976, Elephant Shrews(Macroscelididae) for Olduvai and Makapansgat, Fossil Vertebrates of Africa, Vol.4: 1-56.
K:See under individual entries.
L:Upper Bed I: 1-8-1-7 Myr on basis of 57 K/Ar dates of tuffs and pumice distributed throughout Bed. Bed II: 1-7-1-15 Myr on basis of K/Ar date of Tuff IIa, palaeomagnetic data and relative stratal thickness. Lemuta Member: c. 1-6 Myr. Bed III/IV: 1-15-0-6 Myr on basis of palaeomagnetic data and relative stratal thickness. Masek Beds: 0-6-0-4 Myr on basis of palaeomagentic data and K/Ar dating. Nudutu Beds: Lower Unit 400,000-60,000 BP Upper Unit 60,000-32,000 BP both on basis of C14, amino-acid racemization and geochemical data(e.g. alteration of napheline). Naisiusiu Beds: > 22,000 - < 15,000 BP on basis of C14 dates obtained from calcretes and bone collagen. R.L.Hay 1976. The correlation of Magnetic epochs etc. is shown in Fig.4.
M:See under individual entries.
U:Site are given in alphabetidal order under headings of the various Beds. Beds themselves are in the order I, II, III/IV, Masek, Ndutu, Naisiusiu and Unknown. The following list is intended to facilitate the location of individual hominids.