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RK.(Naisiusiu Beds).

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A:RK.(Naisiusiu Beds).
B:Burial on N side of Main Gorge about 4-6 km E of junction with Side Gorge.
E:H.Reck, 1913.
F:Top of Bed II. H.Reck 1914a, Erste vorlaufige Mitteilung uber den Fund eines fossilen Menschenskelets aus Zentralafrika, Sber. Ges. naturf. Freunde Berl., 3: 81-95.
G:Ultra-contracted burial. H.Reck 1914a. Burial into Bed II. P.G.H.Boswell 1932, The Oldoway human skeleton, Nature, Lond., 130: 237-238. Burial, inferred from same horizon as Naisiusiu Beds because dates from eggshell and collagen in mammal bones from Maisiusiu Beds at Second Fault agree well with date for OH 1 skeleton(see section 10).
H:Naisiusiu Beds are Late Pleistocene. M.D.Leakey, R.L.Hay, D.L.Thurber, R.Protsch and R.berger 1972, Stratigraphy, archaeology and age of the Ndutu and Naisiusiu Beds, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Wld Archaeol., 3: 328-341.
J:Extant fauna. L.S.B.Leakey 1951, Olduvai Gorge, Cambridge University Press.
K:OH 1 bone: F=2-7%, 100F/P205=10-2, eU308=2ppm. Mammalian bones from Bed II: eU308=30-1280 ppm.
L:A1: 16,920 +- 920 BP (UCLA-1740) on basis of C14 dating of collagen of bone from OH 1. A3: 17,000 BP on basis of C14 dating of ostrich eggshell from type section of Naisiusiu Beds, and of collagen content of mammal bones from same section 17,550 +- 1,000 BP (UCLA-1695). M.D.Leakey et al. 1972.
M:OH 1. adult male: skeleton(i).