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Sterkfonatein 'Type Site'(1947, 1949 ossa faciei).


A:Sterkfonatein 'Type Site'(1947, 1949 ossa faciei).
E:R.Broom and J.T.Robinson, 3 and 8 April 1947(Sts 2), 29 July 1947(Sts 13); J.T.Robinson, 1949(Sts 52,Sts 63).
M:Sts 2. juvenile: ossa faciei with dm1, dm2, lt(c); maxilla(f) with rt dm1, dm2(f),(I). Sts 13. elderly adult: ossa faciei with most of rt dentition and part of lt dentition. (Specimen missing). Sts 52. adolescent, probably female: Sts 52a ossa faciei with maxillae and full upper dentition; Sts 52b mandibula with full dentition but lacking lt ascending ramus. Sts 63. elderly adult: rt ossa faciei(ff) with orbit and some fragmentary dentes