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Tang(formerly Taungs).

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A:Tang(formerly Taungs).
B:Fissure deposit in travertine, at limeworks of Northern Lime Company, Buxtom, 9-6 km SW of Taung, Cape Province.
D:2448E Bruyn, 1924.
F:Pink calcified sand in limestone, 15 m below surface. K.P.Oakley 1954, Dating of the Australopithecinae of South Africa, Am. J. phys. Anthop., 12: 11. Cave deposit of red sandy limestone. F.E.Peabody 1954, Travertines and cave deposits of the Kaap escarpment of South Africa, and the Type locality of Australopithecus africanus Dart, Bull. geol. Soc. Am., 65: 671-706. Pink calcified clay(42%) and sand(8%) in limestone, 15m below surface, containing the hominid fossil; and an underlying red calcified sand(94%) and clay(3%), containing the baboon fossils. K.W.Butzer 1974, Paleoecology of South African Australopithecines: Taung Revisited, Curr, Anthrop., 15: 367-382.
H:Not older than Lower Pleistocene, possibly Middle Pleistocene. F.E.Peabody 1954: 705. Late Villafranchian. K.P.Oakley 1957, Dating the Australopithecines, Proc. 3rd Pan-Afr. Congr. Prehist: 155-157. Sterkfontein Faunal Span. H.B.S.Cooke 1968, Evolution of Mammals on southern Coontinents. II. The Fossil Mammals of Africa, Quart. Rev. Biol., 43(3): 234-264. Between Sterkfontein and Swartkrans Faunal Spans. L.H.Wells 1971, Africa and the Ancestry of Man, S. Afr. J. Sci., 67(4): 276-283. The australopithecine level is younger than the baboon deposite and compatible with Peabody's (1954) Norlim travertine phase; the hominid clearly is no older than the youngest time-range represented at Swartkrans or Kromdraai. K.W.Butzer 1973.
I:None associated.
J:Parapapio antiquus, Papio izodi, Crocidura taungsensis. R.F.Ewer 1957, Proc. 3rd Pan-Afr. Congr. Prehist.: 136. Papio wellsi(cf.P.angusticeps from Kromdraai). L.Freedman 1961, New Cercopithecoid fossils, including a new species, from Taung, Cape Province, South Africa, Ann. S. Afr. Mus., 46: 1-14. Parapapio jonesi, P.whitei, Cercopithecoides williamsi. L.Freedman 1970, A new check-list of fossil Cercopithecoidea of South Africa, Palaeont. afr., 13: 109-110. All probably belong to the older, red sand and are thus not contemporaneous with the hominid.
K:Hominid mandible: F=0-3%, 100F/P205=3-8. Blesbuck bone(coll. 1924): F=0-4%, 100F/P205=1-4.
L:The earliest date for opening of the Taung fissure is < 0-87 Myr. T.C.Partride 1973, Geomorphological dating of cave openings at Makapansgat, Sterkfontein, Swartkrans and Taung, Nature,Lond 246: 75-79.
M:Taung 1. child, 5-6 years: calotte(ff)(with natural endocast), basis cranii, ossa faciei, mandibula, upper and lower dentition with lt and rt di1, di2, dc, dm1, dm2, M1. Holotype of Australopithecus africanus Dart, 1925. Plate 14.