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B:Sand-pit on outskirts of Palikao villege, 20 km E of Mascara, near that part of the plain of Eghris called Ternifine.
E:C.Arambourg and R.Hoffstetter, 9 June 1954(Ternifine 1); June 1954(Ternifine 2); 1955(Ternifine3 & 4); 1954 and 1055(isolated teeth).
F:Lacustrine sands overlying grey clay lining a cuvette: Ternifine 1 at 1-3 m below the water-table. Ternifine 2 and 4 at 1-4m below the water-atable, Ternifine 3 at 3-7m below the water-table. Also isolated teeth, some from the sand, some from the clay. C.Arambourg 1963, Le Gisement de Ternifine, pt 2. L'Atlanthropus mauritanicus, Archs Inst. Paleont.hum., 32: 37-190, pls A-C, I.
H:Early Middle Pleistocene. C.Arambourg and R.Hoffstetter 1963, Le Gisement de Ternifine, pt 1, Historique et Geologie, Archs Inst. Paleont. hum., 32: 9-36. Lower Amirian. P. Biberson 1963, Human Evolution in Morocco in the Framework of the Paleoclimatic Variations of the Atlantic Pleistocene, in F.C. Howell and F. Bourliere(eds)1963, African Ecology and Human Evolution, Publs Anthrop. Viking Fund, 36:430.
I:Primiteve Acheulian. L. Balout and J.Tixier 1958, L'Acheulian de Ternifine, C.r.XV Conger.prehist.Fr.: 214-218. Moroccan Acheulian Stage 1(Rahmanian). P.Biberson 1961, Le Cadre Paleogeographique de la Prehistoire du Maroc atlantique, Publs serv. Antiq. Maroc,16: 116.
J:Lower Middle Pleistocene fauna with Machairodus, Afrochoerus, Loxodonta atlantica. C.Arambourg and R.Hoffstetter 1963.
K:Ternifine 1: F=2-1%, 100F/P205=5-8, U=18ppm, N=0-3%. Loxodonta atlantica: F=2-3%, 100F/P205=7-0, eU308=35ppm, N=0-7%. Equus: F=1-4%, 100F/P205=4-6, eU308=24ppm, N=0-2%.
M:Ternifine 1. adult: mandibula(f), dentes(2C,2Imissing). Holotype of Atlanthropus mauritanicus Arambourg, 1954. plate 1. Ternifine 2. young adult: 1t mandibula and symphysis(f), P3-4, M1-3. (Possibly same individuals as Ternifine 4.) Ternifine 3. adult male: mandibula(f) dentes (rt I1, 1t, I2, C, P3 missing). Ternifine 4. young adult about 30 yrs or less: rt parietale. (Possibly same individual as Ternifine 2.) Isolated dentes: from maxilla 1C, 2dm 1, 1 dm 2, 3M(f); lower 2I.