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Wadi Halfa(6B36).

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A:Wadi Halfa(6B36).
B:6B36-cemetery site, 450 * 300 m, 152-155 m above sea level, 2-75 km N of Wadi Halfa, about 2-5 km from left bank of Nile.
E:G.W.Hewes, Director, H.T.Irwin and other members of the University of Colorado Nubian Expedition, 1962-1964.
F:Wind eroded desert surface, and in layer of terra rossa up to 30 cm thick. G.W.Hewes, H.T.Irwin, M.Papworth and A.Saxe 1964, A new fossil human population from the Wadi Halfa area, Sudan, Nature, Lond., 203: 341-343.
H:Late Pleistocene. H.T.Irwin, J.B.Wheat and L.F.Irwin 1968, University of Colorado Investigations of paleolithic and epi-paleolithic sites in the Sudan, Africa, Uni. Utah Anthrop. Pap, No.90.
I:Microlithic similar to Wadi complex with grinding stones. H.T.Irwin et al. 1968. Qadan Industry. F.Wendorf, J.L.Shiner and A.E.Marks 1965, Summary of the 1963-1964 field season, Contributions to the Prehistory of Nubia, Southern Methodist University Press: 9-35.
J:Bovids, fish and shellfish. D.L.Greene and G.J.Armelagos 1971, The Wadi Halfa Mesolithic Population, Research Report No.11, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts.
L:A3: 11950-6400 BP on basis of C14 dating of Qadan industry. F.Wendorf, J.L.Shiner and A.E.Marks 1965.
M:Wadi Halfa 6B36. 1-37: 16 crania(i), 10 crania(ff), 82 dentes(i).