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Gua Cha.


A:Gua Cha.
U:Excavations were carried out by G. de G. Sieveking in 1954 in the cave of Gua cha, on the west bank of the river Nanggiri, just above Kuala Perias and 11-13 kms below Kuala Betis, Kelantan, Malay Peninsula. Burials were found associated with Neolithic and with Hoabinhian artifacts. The Hoabinian burials, at least nine individuals, are said to be distinct both in state of preservation and in some cases stratigraphically from the Neolithic ones. G. de G. Sieveking 1954-5, Excavations at Gua Cha 1954. Part I, Fed. Mus. J.(N.S.) 1 & 2: 75-138. J. C. Trevor & D. R. Brothwell 1962, The Human Remains of Mesolithic and Neolithic date at Gua Cha, Kelantan. Fed. Mus. J,. 7: 6-22. Continuation of Hoabinian tradition into later periods suggests that some of the Hoabinian burials may be later. B. A. V. Peacock 1964, Recent Archaeological Discoveries, Part II, Malaya, J. Malaysian Branch Roy. Asiatic Soc., 34: 210-206.