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B:Cave, 8 km(5 miles) W of Behshahr, 6 km(4 miles) from the S shore of the Caspian Sea near its SE corner, N Iran.
E:C. S. Coon, March-April 1951.
F:Cave deposits; in 4th gravel layer of deposits of alternating sand and gravel underlying rockfall and 7.25 m of Neolithic and later material. C. S. Coon 1957, Seven Caves, London: 168-204.
G:Hotu 1 & 4 bundle burials in upper 4th gravel. Hotu 2 & 3 natural or purposeful burials at base of 4th gravel layer.
H:Terminal Pleistocene, or early Holocene.
I:Vole Mesolithic of N Iran cf. Late Gravettian.
J:Cervus elaphus, Sus, Bos primigenius, Ovis. Aves: Ellobius, Turdus. CHF: 269.
L:A2: c 9300 BP on basis of C14 dating of associated hearth samples. C. S. Coon 1957: 197.
M:Hotu 1. adult male: cranium(f), post-carnial skeleton(i,f,ff). Hotu 2. female, 27 years: cranium(i), mandibula, post-cranial skeleton(i,f,ff). Hotu 3. female, 35 years: calvaria, mandibula, post-cranial skeleton(i,f,ff). Hotu 4. young adult female?: lt maxilla(f).
N:C. S. Coon 1951, Cave Exploration in Iran, 1949, Mus. Monogr. Univ. Mus., Philadelphia, 1951: 79-80.
O:J. L. Angel 1952, The Human Skeletal Remains from Hotu Cave, Iran, Proc. Am. Phil. soc., 96: 258-269.
S:Hotu 1 & 3: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, U. S. A. Hotsu 2 & 4: National Museum of Antiquities, Bostan Shinaze, Tehran.
T:University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 U. S. A.(Hotsu 2).