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B:Hsiaolungtan coalfield, Keiyuan District, Yunnan Province, China.
E:T. M. Wang and W. S. Lin, February 1956.
F:Younger Cenozoic lignite beds of the Hsiaoluntan Series.
H:Lower Pliocene: Pontian.
J:Tetralophodon, Serridentinus cf. chinjiensis, Rhynchotherium,Suidae. M. C. Chow 1958, Mammalian faunas and correlation of Tertiary and early Pleistocene of South China, J. Palaeont. Soc. Ind., 3: 123-130.
M:Keiyuan 1. rt and lt P4, rt and lt M2, rt M3.
N:J. K. Woo, 1957, Dryopithecus teeth from Keiyuan,Yunnan Province, Vertebr. palasiat., 1: 25-32.
O:J. K. Woo 1957.
P:E. L. Simons 1968, A source for dental comparison of Ramapithec us with Australopithecus and Homo, S. Afr. J. Sci., 64: 92-112. Probably Ramapithecus. M. C. Chow 1958. Very close to Dryopithecus punjabicus(= Ramapithecus punjabicus).
Q:J. K. Woo, 1957.
R:E. L. Simons & D. R. Pilbeam 1965, Preliminary revision of the Dryopithecinae(Pongidae, Anthropoidea), Folia primat., 3: 81-152.
S:Laboratory of Vertebrate Palaeontology, Academia Sinica, Peking.