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Laguna Beach.

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A:Laguna Beach.
B:Deposits in Laguna Beach city, within metropolitan Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
E:W. H. Wilson, 1933, during street grading.
F:Sediments in alluvial fan emanating from canyon at higher level in Laguna Mountains.
G:Not a burial.
H:Late Pleistocene. Late Wisconsin material redeposited in Recent alluvial fan.
I:No directly associated cultural material reported.
J:Mollusca: one of the human long bones contained fragments of Mytilus californianus.
K:Hominid cranial bone(Laguna 1): F=0.30%, eU308=60ppm, N=0.26%(UCLA-1223A). R. Berger & W. F Libby 1969, UCLA Radiocarbon Dates IX, Radiocarbon, 11: 194-195. Associated human long bone fragment: F=0.34%, eU308=63ppm, N=0.26%(UCLA-1233B). R. Berger & W. F. Libby 1969.
L:A1: 17,150+-1470 BP(UCLA-1233A) on basis of radiocarbon dating of residual collagen in human skull bones, Laguna 1. A1: 14,800(UCLA-1233B) on basis of radiocarbon dating of collagen in long bone fragments. R. Berger, R. Protsch, R. Reynolds, C. Rozaire & J. Sackett 1971, New Radiocarbon dates based on collagen of California Palaeo-Indians, in F. H. Stross(ed.)1971, The Application of the Physical Sceiences to Archaeology, Archaeol. Res. Facil. Univ. Calif. Contrib., Berkely, 12.
M:Laguna 1. adult: skull(f), ossa longa(ff).
N:F. A. Riddell 1969, Archaeology: western hemisphere, Britannica Book of the Year: 100-104.
Q:F. A. Riddell 1969.
R:R. Berger, New dates for palaeo-Indian skeletons from Southern California, antiquity in preparation.
S:Property of W. H. Wilson, 22711 Vista del Sol, Laguna Beach, California, Exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural, History, Exposition Park, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angele's, California 90007.