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Lantian, Gongwangling.

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A:Lantian, Gongwangling.
B:Open site. Loc 63706, Gongwangling Hill, a spur of a loess platform, 15 km E of Lantian, Lantian County, Shensi Province, China.
E:Field team of Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology. An upper molar was found in the field in May 1964, and the skull was found in the laboratory in October 1964 in material excavated earlier in the year.
F:Layer 6. Concretionary basal part of reddish clays overlying gravels. J. K. Woo 1965, Preliminary Report on a Skull of Sinanthropus lantianensis of Lantian, Shensi, Scientia sin., 14: 1037. X. Z. Wu, Z. X. Yuan, D. F. Han, T. Qi & Q. W. Lu 1966, Report of the Excavation at Lantian Man Locality of Gongwangling in 1965, Vertebr. palasiat., 10: 23-29(English summary).
H:Early Pleistocene. Y. P. Chang, W. P. Huang, Y. J. Tang, H. G. Chi & S. Y. Ting 1964, The Discussion of Cenozoic Formation from Lantian. Shensi Province, Vertebr. palasiat., 8: 134-151(in Chinese). Early Middle Pleistocene; Cromerian Interglacial. M. M. Chow, C. K. Hu & Y. C. Lee 1965, Mammalian Fossils Associated with the Hominid Skull Cap of Lantian, Shensi, Scientia sin., 14: 1037-1048.
I:Industry of chopping-tools, cores and flakes in quartz in layers 7 and 8. E. J. Dai 1966, The Paleoliths found at Lantian Man Locality of Gongwangling and its vicinity Vertebr. palasiat., 10: 30-34(English summary).
J:Macaca robusta, Hystrix subcristata, Nyctereutes sinensis, Canis variablis, Ursus thibetanus kokeni, Ailuropoda melanoleuca cf. fovealis, Mustela(Putorius?), Meles, Hyaena sinensis, Meganteron, Felis leo, F.(Panthera) pardus, F. cf. youngi, Acinonyx pleistocaenicus, Equus sanmeniensis, Nestoritherium cf. sinense, Tapirus indicus, T. sinensis Rhinoceros, Sus lydekkeri, Sinomegaceros kongwangliniensis, Megaceros robustus, Elaphodus cephalodus, Rusa(Deperetia), Gazella, Leptobos, Stegodon orientalis. M. M. Chow et al. 1965. Pollen analysis: Grassland with Mixed broadleaf forest on the hills. J. Hsu 1966, The Climatic Condition of North China during the Time of Sinanthropus, Scientia sin., 15: 410-414.
L:A4: 500,000-600,000 BP. J. K. Woo 1965b, The Skull of Lantian Man, China Pictorial, 7: 28-31.
M:Lantian 2. female? probably over 30 years: cranium comprising frontale, large parts of rt and lt parietalia, rt temporale, nasalia(ff), rt and lt maxillae(f) with rt M2 and M3. Lt M2 found separately(matches rt M2).
N:Announced by C. C, Young, Director of Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, at the National Conference of Quaternary Research and the Lantian Cenozoic Field Conference, 3-8 November 1964. Reported by New China News Agency, 3 November 1964.
O:J. K. Woo 1965a, Sinanthropus lantianensis cf. Pithecanthropus robustus.
P:J. K. Woo 1966, The hominid skull of Lantian, Shensi, Vertebr. palasiat., 10: 1-22(English summary).
Q:J. K. Woo 1966.
R:T. K. Cheng 1966, New Light on Prehistoric China, Cambridge: 9-10. W. W. Howells 1967, Mankind in the Making, Harmondsworth: 205-206. J. S. Aigner & W. S. Laughlin 1973, The Dating of Lantian Man and his Significance for Analysing Trends in Human Evolution, Am. J. phys. Anthrop., 39: 97-109.
S:Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking.