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Los Angeles.

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A:Los Angeles.
B:Open site on the Los Angeles river within city of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
E:Workmen, 1936 during WPA Project C. 642. Investigated by I. A. Lopatin, University of Southern California.
F:Alluvium; bones from gravel 61 cm(2 ft) thick covered by clay and surface soil, a total thickness of c4.0 m(12 ft). T. Clemenis 1938, Age of the "Los Angeles Man" deposits, Am. J. Sci., 36: 137-141.
H:Late Pleistocene. T. Clements 1938.
J:Archidiskodon imperator,(from similar depth but 335 m(1100 ft) distant. E. T. Clements 1938.
K:Los Angeles 1, calvaria: F=0.04-0.12%, N=0.32%. Archidiskodon: F=0.08- 0.15%, N=0.04-0.05%. R. F. Heizer & S. F. Cook 1952, Fluorine and other chemical tests of some North American human and animal bones, Am. J. phys. Anthrop.(N. S.) 10: 289-303. Human frontal bone: F=0.11%, N=0.32%(UCLA-1430).
L:A1: >23.600+-1100 BP(UCLA-1430) on basis of radiocarbon dating of collagen in frontal bone. R. Berger, R. Protsch, R. Reynolds, C. Rozaire & J. Sackett 1971, New Radiocarbon dates based on collagen of California Palaeo-Indians, in F. H. Stross(ed.) 1971, The Application of the Physical Sciences to Archaeology, Archaeol. Res. Facil. Univ. Calif. Contrib., Berkeley, 12. A1: 26,000 BP on basis of aspartic acid racemization in collagen of human skull bone, J. Bada, R. A. schroeder & G. F. Carter 1974, New Evidence for the Antiquity of Man in North America deduced from Aspartic Acid Racemization, Science N. Y., 184: 791-793.
M:Los Angeles 1. "Los Angeles Man", adult female(?): calvaria(f), post-cranial fragments.
N:A. 0. Bowden & I. A. Lopatin 1936, Pleistocene man in southern California, Science, N. Y., 84: 507-508. cf. "Basketmaker type"
O:I. A. Lopatin 1940, Fossil man in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California, Proc. 6th Pacific Sci. Congr.(1939), 4: 177-181.
Q:I. A. Loptain 1940.
R:R. Berger, New dates for palaeo-Indian skeletons in Southern California, Antiquity, in preparation.
S:Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Exposition Park, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90007.