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B:Open site on buried flood-plain(now flooded by reservoir) immediately in front of Marmes Rockshelter, near W bank of the Palouse river 2.4 km(1.5 miles) N of its confluence with the Snake river, Franklin County, Southeastern Washington, U.S.A.
E:R. Fryxell, Department of Anthropology, Washington State Universits, Pullman, and R. J. Marmes, owner of the Marmes ranch, July 1965.
F:Scattered on and in lacustrine sediment forming buried surface of an abandoned floodplain of the Palouse river. R. Fryxell, T. Bielicki, R. D. Daugherty, C. Gustafson, H. T. Irwin & B. C. Keel 1968, Human remains of mid-Pinedale age from southeastern Washington, Am. Antiq., 33: 511-515.
H:Mid-Pinedale Stage of the Rocky Moutain glacial terminology(=classical Wisconsin). G. M. Richmond, R. Fryxell, G. E. Neff & P. L. Weis 1965, The Cordilleran Columbia Plateau, in H. E. Wright, Jr & D. G. Frey(eds) 1965, The Quaternary of the United States, Princeton: 231-242.
I:A cylindrical bone awl, flattened on one side. R. Fryxell et al. 1968.
J:Cervus, C. canadensis, Antilocapra, unidentified micro-mammalia. Pisces. Mollusca. R. Fryxell et al. 1968.
L:A2/A3: c11,000 BP on basis of radiocarbon dating of river mussel shells from sediment overlying the hominid material: 10,750+-100 BP(WSU-211), 10,810+-275 BP(WSU-363), 10,475+-270 BP(WSU-366). R. Fryxell et al. 1968. The homind material was deposited in a lake which filled the canyon of the Palouse and Snake rivers after the eruption of the Glacier Peak, marked by volcanic ash in the lake sediments. The Glacier Peak eruption is dated >12,000+-310 BP(WSU-55). R. Fryxell 1965, Mazama and Glacier Peak volcanic ash layers: relative ages, Science, N. Y., 147: 1288-1290.
M:Marmes 1. "Marmes Man", young adult: 2 parietalia(ff, f), occipitale(f), frontale(f), cranial fragments, rt ramus mandibulae(f), 1M(ff), vertebrae, costae, post-cranial fragments.
N:R. Fryxell et al. 1968.
O:R. Fryxell et al. 1968. Homo sapiens, with some Mongoloid features(Bielicki).
Q:R. Fryxell et al. 1968: 513.
R:R. Fryxell 1963, Through a mirror darkly: a geologist's interpretation of man's cahnging environment, The Record, Washington State University Library, Pullman: 1-18. R. Fryxell & R. D. Daugherty 1962, Interim Report: archaeological salvage in the Lower Monumental Reservoir, Washington, Rep. Invest. Lab. Anthrop. Wash. St. Univ., Pullman, 21. R. Fryxell & R. D. Daugherty 1965, Fig. 41(correlation chart) in Guidebook for Field Conference E. Northern and Middle Rocky Mountains(8th Conf. int. Ass. quatern. Res.), Lincoln: 84. F. A. Riddell 1969, Archaeology: western hemisphere, Britannica Book of the year: 100-104.
S:Laboratory of Anthropology, Washington State University, Pulllman, Washington 99163.