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Mugharet es-Skhul.

Latitude / Longitude



A:Mugharet es-Skhul.
B:Cave in the Wadi el-Mughara, southern part of the Mount Carmel range, 19 km S of Haifa, Israel.
E:T. D. McCown, 26 May 1931(Skhul 1); T. D. McCown & H. L. Movius Jr, April-May 1932(Skhul 2-10).
F:Layer B; breccia. T. D. McCown 1937, Mugharet es-Skhul. Description and excavation, in D. A. E. Garrod & D. M. A. Bate 1937, The Stone Age of Mount Carmel I: excavations at the Wadi el-Mughara, Oxford: 96-107.
G:Burials. T. D. McCown 1937.
H:End of Last Interpluvial. T. D. McCown & A. Keith 1939, The Stone Age of Mount Carmel II: the fossil human remains from the Levalloiso-Mousterian, Oxford: 14. Interstadial of Last Pluvial. E. S. Higgs & D. R. Brothwell 1961, North Africa and Mount Carmel: recent developments, Man, 61: 138-139.
I:Lower Levalloiso-Mousterian. D. A. E. Garrod & D. M. A. Bate 1937: 109-112.
J:Hystrix, Felis, Hyaena, Vormela cf. peregusna, Vulpes vulpes, Procavia cf. syriaca, Equus Hemionus, E. cf. hydruntinus, Rhinoceros cf. hemitoechus, Phacochoerus garrodae, Sus gadarensis, Hippopotamus amphibius, Capreolus capreolus, Cervus elaphus, Dama mesopotamica, Bos, Capra, Alcelaphus, Gazella. D. A. E. Garrod & D. M. A. Bate 1937: 148-149.
K:Skhul 5: F=0.05%, 100F/P205=0.4, N=0.05%. Skhul 9: F=0.3%, 100F/ P205=1.0. Animal bone associated with Mousterian: F=0.05%, 100F/P205= 0.17, eU308=nil, N=nil.
M:Skhul 1. infant, probably male, 4-4.5 years: calvaria(f), upper lt di1, dc, dm2, rt dm1-2, unerupted crowns of upper lt C, M1, rt I1-2, M1; mandibula(f), lower lt di2, dm2, rt dc, dm1-2, unerupted crowns of lower lt & rt M1; nearly complete post-cranial skeleton. Lectotype of Palaeanthropus palestinus McCown & Keith, 1932. Skhul 2. female, 30-40 years: calavaria(ff), upper rt C, P4-M2; mandibula(ff), lower lt I1, C-P4, M2, rt C; 2 humeri(ff), lt radius(ff), 2 ulnae(ff). Skhul 3. adult male: lt femur(ff), lt tibia(ff), lt fibula(ff). Skhul 4. male, 40-50 years cranium(ff), mandibula(ff), nearly complete dentition, nearly complete post-cranial skeleton. Skhul 5. male 30-40 years: cranium(ff), mandibula(i), dentition complete except for lower rt P3(Plate 3), nearly complete post carnial skeleton. Skhul 6. male 30-35 years: calvaria(ff), upper lt C, rt M1(f), lt ramus and pars corpus mandibulae(f), lower lt P3, M2-3; post-cranial skeleton(ff). Skhul 7. female, 35-40 years: frontale(ff), rt malar(f), lt temporale(f), fragments of parietale and occipitale, lt I1-2, M2-3, rt M1-3; corpus mandibulae(f) rt famus mandibulae(ff), lt M1-3, roots I2-P4, rt M1-3; 3 vertebrae(ff), 6 fragments costae, lt scapula(ff), lt clavicula(ff), sternum(f), 2 humeri(diaphyses), 2 radii(ff), 2 ulnae(i,ff), 2 ilia(ff), sacrum(ff), rt femur(ff), 2 tibiae(ff), 2 fibulae(ff), rt talus(ff), rt calcaneus(ff), lt cuneiforme mediale(ff), metatarsale V(ff). Skhul 8. child, probably male, 8-10 years: rt femur(f), 2 tibiae(f), lt fibula(f), rt talu(i), rt calcaneus(f), rt naviculare(f), lt tarsus, lt metatarsalia, 2 lt phalanges pedis. Skhul 9. male, about 50 years: calvaria(f), vertebrae, costae(ff), scapula(ff), pelvis(f), metacarpale, femur(f), ossa pedis(f). Skhul 10. infant, probably male, 5-5.5 years: crowns of upper lt C, M1, rt P3, M2, pars corpus mandibulae(ff), lower lt di1, dm1-2, rt di1-2, unerupted crowns of lower lt I1-P3, M1, rt I1-C; rt humerus(ff). Skhul unnumbered. isolated remains: small cranial fragment, fragment parietale, fragment lt mandibula, 4 fragments humeri, 4 fragments femora, 3 fragments tibiae, lt patella, lt metatarsal I.
N:T. D. McCown 1932, A note on the excavation and the human remains from the Mugharet es-Skhul(Cave of the Kids), season of 1931, Bull. Am. Sch. prehist. Res., 8: 12-15(Skhul 1). T. D. McCown 1933, Fossil men of the Mugharet es-Skhul, near Athlit, Palestine, season of 1932, Bull. Am. Sch. prehist. Res., 9: 9-15(Skhul 1 2-9). T. D. McCown 1936, Mount Carmel Man, Bull. Am. Sch. prehist Res., 12: 131-140(Skuhl 10).
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S:Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem(Skhul 1 & 4). British Museum(Natural History), Cromwell Road, London. SW7, England. Formerly Royal College of Surgeons Collection, since 1955,(Skhul 9). Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, U.S.A.(Skhul 2, 3, 5-8, isolated dentes).
T:University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, U.S.A.(Skhul 1, 4 & 5, Barlow Nos 591-607; Skhul 5, C. E. Snow reconstruction). Wenner-Gren Foundation Casting Program, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research 14 East 71st Street, New York, N.Y. 10021, U.S.A. Nos. M-SL1(Skhul 5 cranium), M-SL2(Skhul 5, mandibula).