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Sangiran(Putjangan formation).

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A:Sangiran(Putjangan formation).
B:Surface finds(Sangiran 1, 5, 9) on exposed lake deposits, E of Kalijoso, 12 km N of Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.
E:Collectors working for G. H. R. von Koenigswald, 1936(Sangiran 1), 1938, 1939(Sangiran 4), 1939(Sangiran 5), 1941(Sangiran 6) and 1950(second fragment of Sangiran 6). Collector for S. Sartono, 1960(Sangiran 9), 1974(Sangiran 22).
F:Possibly Djetis beds of Putjangan formation. Black clays near Tegopati(Sangiran 9). G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1950, Fossil Hominids of the Lower Pleistocene of Java, 18th Int. geol. Congr,(London 1948), 9: 59-61. D. A. Hooijer 1951, The geological age of Pithecanthropus, Meganthropus and Gigantopithecus, Am. J. phys. Anthrop.,(NS) 9: 265-281. G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1968, Observations upon two Pithecanthropus mandibles, from Sangiran, Central Java, Proc. K. ned. Akad, Wet., 71B: 99-107.
H:Early Middle Pleistocene of Late Lower Pleistocene. G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1939, Das Pleistocan Javas, Quartar, 2: 28-53. D. A. Hooijer 1951. D. A. Hooijer 1956. The lower boundary of the Pleistocene in Java and the age of Pithecanthropus, Quaternaria, 3: 5-10.
J:Djetis fauna including Epimachairodus, Cervus zwaani, Epileptobos. G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1940a, Neue Pithecanthropus-Funde 1936-1938, Wet. Meded. Dienst Mijnb, Ned. Oost-Indie, Bandung, 28: 1-223, S. Sartono 1961, Notes on a new find of a Pithecanthropus mandible, Publikasi teknik Seri Paleont., Bandung, 2: 1-51.
K:Sangiran 1: F=0.61 %, 100F/P205=6.3, eU308=25 ppm, N=nil. Sangiran 4: F=1.33 %, 100F/P205=6.4, eU308=58 ppm, N=nil. Sangiran 5: F=0.56 %, 100F/P205=5.3, eU308=8 ppm, N=0.01%. Sangiran 6: F=2.32 %, 100F/P205=6.6, eU308=54 ppm, N=nil. Cervus antler: F=2.24 %, 100F/P205=6.8, eU308=63 ppm.
L:A3: 1.9 +- 0.4 million years on basis of potassium-argon dating of pumice in the Djetis beds at Modjokerto. T. Jacob & G. H. Curtis 1971, Preliminary Potassium- Argon dating of early man in Java. Contr. Univ. Calif. Archaeol. Rex. Facil., 12: 50.
M:Sangiran la. adult: rt maxilla(ff). M1-M3. Snngiran 1b. "Mandible B". adult:rt corpus mandibulae(f), lower rt P4-M3. Sangiran 4. "Skull IV". adult male: calvaria(ff), maxilla(ff), upper lt C-M1, rt C-M3. Holotype of Pithecanthropus robustus Weidenreich 1945. Sangiran 5. adult: rt corpus mandibulae(ff), with M1, M2. Holotype of Pithe-canthropus dubius von Koenigswald, 1950. Sangiran 6. adult: rt corpus mandibulae(ff), with P3, P4, M1 ; lt gonial portion with M2-M3, Holotype of Meganthropus palaeojavanicus von Koenigswald, 1950. Sangiran 7a. isolated dentes(i-ff). Sangiran 9. "Mandible C", adult:rt corpus mandibulae(f) with P3-P4, M2-M3. Sangiran 22. "F". maxilla(ff), M ; corpus mandibulae(f) I2, C, 3P, 3M, and associated I, C, P, 2M.
N:G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1937, Ein Unterkieferfragment des Pithecanthropus aus den Trnilschichten Mitteljavas, Proc. K. ned. Akad. Wet., 40: 883-893(Sangiran 1b) Pithecanthropus erectus G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1950(Sangiran 1-4) Pithecanthropus modjokertensis. G. H. R. von Koenigswald & F. Weidenreich 1939, The relationship between Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus, Nature, Lond., 144: 926-929(Sangiran 4). G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1940b, Preliminary note on new remains of Pithecanthropus from Central Java, Proc. 3rd Congr. Prehist. Far East(Singapore 1938): 91-95(Sangiran 5). F. Weidenreich 1945a, Giant early man from Java and South China, Anthrop. Pap. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 40: 1-134(Sangiran 4-6) Pithecanthropus robustus. S. Sartono 1961 (Sangiran 9) Pithecanthropus. S. Sartono 1974, A New discovery of hominid remains from Sangiran, Central Java, Berita Direkt. Geol. Geosurv. News., 6, 12: 2-3.
O:G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1940a(Sangiran 1b). F. Weidenreich 1945a(Sangiran 4, 5 and 6). G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1950: 59(Sangiran 4). Pithecanthropus modjokertensis G. H. R. von Koenigswald 1968(Sangiran 9) Pithecanthropus dubius. S. Sartono 1961(Sangiran 9).
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S:Natur-Museum and Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg, Senckenberg-Anlage 25, 6 Frankfurt-am-Main 1, W Germany(Sangiran 1,4-6, Sangiran 7a). Museum Geologi, Djalan Diponegoro 57, Bandung(Sangiran 9).
T:Uiversity Museum, Uiversity of Pennsylvania, Philaelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, U.S.A.(Sangiran 1, 4 and 6). Wenner-Gren Foundation Casting Program, WennerGren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 14 East 71st Street, New York. N.Y. 10021, U.S.A. Nos. I-MJ4(Sangiran 1b), I-MJ2, I-MJ3(Sangiran 4, calvaria), I-MJ5(Sangiran 4, maxilla), ISR3(Sangiran 6, mandibula), I-SR6(Sangiran 1a).