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B:Tartanga Island, Section 277, Hundred of Ridley, South Australia, Australia.
E:W. P. Roy, January 1928.
F:Bed C, in fluviatile deposits. H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930, Note on some human remains from the Lower Murray Valley, S Australia, Rec. S. Aust. Mus., 4: 145-218.
G:Buried from upper portion of Bed C. H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930.
H:Prior to mid-Holocene "10 ft terrace ". H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930.
I:Stone implements. H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930.
J:Bed C: freshwater mussels, snails, fish, tortoises, birds and mammals(including possum and wallaby). H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930. Tartanga 1, rt femur: F=0.99%, 100F/P205=3.5, eU308=nil, N=0.58%.
K:Animal bone: F=1.23%, 100F/P205=4.1, eU308=nil, N=0.24%.
L:A2: c. 600 BP(L-271E) on basis radiocarbon dating of freshwater shell from upper surface of Bed C. N. B. Tindale 1957, Culture Succession in South-Eastern Australia from Late Pleistocene to the Present, Rec. S. Aust. Mus., 13: 1-49.
M:Tartanga 1. adolescent(formerly "Tartanga III"); rt parietale, endocranial cast, post-cranial skeleton.
N:Anon 1928, Trans. R. Soc. S. Aust., 52: 248.
O:T. D. Cambell 1930, in H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930.
P:N. W. G. Macintosh 1965, The Physical Aspect of Man in Australia, in R. M. Berndt(ed.), Aboriginal Man in Australia, Sydney: 52-55.
Q:H. M. Hale & N. B. Tindale 1930.
R:N. B. Tindale 1956, The Peopling of South-Eastern Australia, Aust. Mus. Mag., 11: 115-120. N. B. Tindale 1960, Man of the Hunting Age, Colorado Quart., 8: 229-245.
S:South Australian Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.