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Aveline's Hole, or Burrington Cave(1797-1840).

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A:Aveline's Hole, or Burrington Cave(1797-1840).
B:Blocked limestone cave on E side of Burrington Combe, Mendip Hills, Somerset. ST 477587.
E:T.S.Walley, 9 January 1797(Aveline's Hole unnumbered): W.Buckland with Mr.Skinner, before 1823(Aveline's Hole 1); R.Bright, before 1840(Aveline's Hole 2-4).
H:Late Weichselian, Younger Dryas. A.M.ApSimon et al. 1961: 102, 122.
I:No cultural associations reported. Cf. Aveline's Hole 1901-31.
J:Lepus anglicus, Ochotona s;elaea, Aricola abbotti, Discrostonyx, Lemmus lemmus, Microtus anglicus, M.afvalis, Felis lyns, Ursus afctos, Equus caballus, Cervus elaphus, Rangifer tarandus. Mollusca(extant species). J.A.Davies 1922: 63-38. M.A.C.Hinton 1922, Notes on the remains of small mammals obtained from Aveline's Hole, Burrington Combe, Somerset, Proc. speleol. Soc., 1: 74-78. M.A.C.Hinton 1924, Notes on the rodent remains from Aveline's Hole. Proc. speleol. Soc., 2: 34-37. A.S.Kennard & B.B.Woodward 1924, Report on the Non-Marine Mollusca from Aveline's Hole, Burrington Combe, Proc. speleol. Soc., 2: 32-33.
K:Aveline's Hole 1, bone: F=0-47%, 100F/P205=1-98, N=3-8%. Aveline's Hole 2, mandibula: F=0-29%, 100F/P205=0-67, N=1-4-3-0%.
L:A2: 8100 +- 50 BP(GrN-5395) on basis of C14 dating of stalagmite filling of Aveline's Hole 1 calvaria. J.C.Lerman 1968, in lit.
M:Aveline's Hole 1. "Calvaria 0", adult male: calvaria. Aveline's Hole 2-4. mandibula, 2m axis. Aveline's Hole unnumbered. nearly 350 skeletons(now lost).