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Aveline's Hole, or Burrington Cave(1914-1931).

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A:Aveline's Hole, or Burrington Cave(1914-1931).
B:Blocked limestone cave on E side of Burringron Cambe, Mendip Hills, Somerset. ST 477587.
H:Late Weichselian(= Late Wurm), younger Dryas. A.M.AfSimon et al. 1961: 102, 122.
I:Late Upper Palaeolithic, Cheddarian(Creswellian) including biserial harpoon(cf. Late Magdalenian type) and ornaments(perforated mammalian teeth, Neritoides shells and ammonites). J.A.Davies 1922: 69. J.A.Davies 1925, Fourth report on Aveline's Hole Proc. speleol. Soc., 2: 107-108. D.A.E.Garrod 1926, The Upper Palaeolithic Age in Britain, Oxford: 84-89. A.Bohmers 1956, Statistics and Graphs in the study of Flint Assemblages: II. A.Preliminaty Report on the Statistical Analysis of the younger Palaeolithic in Northwestern Europe, Plaeohistoria 5: 23, 24. A.M.ApSimon et al. 1961: 122. D.T.Dnovan 1968, the ammonites and other fossils from Aveline's Hole, Proc. speleol. Soc., 11: 237-242. J.B.Campbell 1970, The Upper Palaeolithic Period, in The Mendip Hills in Prehistoric and Roman Times, Bristol archaeol. Res. Group, Spec. Publ. No.1: 5-11.
J:Lepus anlicus, Ochotona Arvicola abbotti, Dicrostonyx, Lemmes lemmus, Microtus anglicus, M.Afralis, Felis lynx, Ursus arctos, Equus caballus, Cervus elaphus, Rangifer tarandus. J.A.Davies 1922: 63-68. M.A.C.Hinton 1921. Note on the remains of small mammals obtained from Aveline's Hole, Burrington Combe, Somerset, Proc. speleol. Soc., 1: 74-78. M.A.C.Hinton 1924, Notes on the redent remains from Aceline's Hole, Proc. speleol. Soc., 2: 34-37. Mollusca(extant species). A.S.Kennard & B.B.Woodward 1924, Rdport on the Non-Marine Mollusca from Aveline's Hole, Burrington Combe, Proc. speleol. Soc., 2: 32-33. D.T.Donovan, in preparation.
K:Aveline's Hole 9: skull: F=0-48%, 100F/P205=2-28, N=3-47%. Aveline's Hole unnumbered, metacarpal: F=0-20%, 100F/P205=0-92, N=3-49%. Mammaliam bones: F=0-20%, 100F/P205=0-67, N=1-4-3-0%.
L:A2: 9144 +- 110 BP (BM-471) on basis of C14 dating of residual collage in human bone from occupation level in Aveline's Hole. H.Barker & R.Birleigh in lit. Cf. 8100 +- 50 BP(Gr-5393) on basis of C14 dating of stalagnite filling of Bveline's Hole 1, skull. J.C.Lerman 1968, in lit.
M:Aveline's Hole 5-7. "Skulls 1, 2 & 3"(Fawcett), "Carania A, B & C"(Keith) adults: 3 calvaria. Aveline's Hole 8. adult: mandibula with lower lt M1-2, rt P3-M3. Aveline's Hole 9. adult: cranium, mancubula. Aveline's Hole unnumbered. fragments of over 20 skeletons of adult & children, most of them destroyed in World War II; surviving material represets 11 of more adults and children: occipitale, pareitalia(ff), rt maxilla(f) with P3-M1, lt corpus mandibulae(ff) with M1(M3 unerupted), lt corpus mandibulae(ff) with M1-2, dentes permanentes and decidui, vertebrae, about 12 humeri(ff), about 20 uluae, carpi, metacarpalia, phalanges manus, about 15 femora(ff), about 10 tibiae(ff), about 15 fibulae(ff), 3 patellae, 5 calcanei, talus, metatarsalia, phalanges pedis.