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Cueva Morin, Santander.


A:Cueva Morin, Santander.
U:In 1969 L.J.Freeman and J.Gonzales Echegaray discovered 2 graves at Cueva Morin which had been dug during the time of the uppermost occupation level 8 of the Aurignacian 0 stage. Both trenches were capped by red ochre and covered by long mounds of earth. The smaller grave(Morin II) contained no recognizable human remains, but the larger one(Morin I) contained an almost perfect matural mould in fine sediment of a human being of adult stature, lying partly inclined on left side, with arms sharply bent upwards at elbow to bring hands towards the face. "the flesh of the body was represented but the cadaver had an emaciated appearance." Covering the head of this burial was the mould of a small ungulate curled up with front legs tucked between hind-legs evidently a mortuary offering. Carbon samples from occupation level 8a will be dated by C14. L.G.Freeman & J.Gonzales Echegaray 1970, Aurignacian Structural Features and Burials at Cueva Morin(Santander, Spain), Nature, Lond., 26: 722-726.