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Piltdown, Sussex.

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A:Piltdown, Sussex.
B:TQ 439217.
U:The problem of the Piltdown remains was solved in 1953-1955 by an exhaustive reinvestigation uysing new techniques, which showed that all the specimens reported as having been found in 1912, 1913 and had been fraudulently introduced at the "type site" and at a second site allegedly 3 km. (2 miles) to the NW. Plitdown 1. lt ramus mandubulae(f) identified in 1953 as that of immature orangutan(Pongo) with M1 and M2 artificially abraded in a way so as to appear hominid and with the bone tissue superficially stained to match the freginous Piltdown Gravel; immature canino of Pongo artigicially shaped to match first reconsturuction of dentition in Piltdown skull and painted to match the other material; calvaria of Homo sapiens broken into 6 pieces: rt parietale(f), lt fronto-parietale(f), lt temporale, occipitale(ff), artificially iron-stained; ossa nasalia of Homosapiens. Pilrdown 2. rt frontale(f) of Homo sapiens, possibly same caovaria as Piltdown 1; occipitale(f) of Homo sapiens, different individual from Piltdown 1; lower M1 of Pongo, artificially abraded to match abraded M1 in ramus mandubulae of Piltdown 1. The fossil mammals reported from the Piltdown Gravel had been bouaght from barious sources, including Villafranchian deposits in and outside Britain, and were "Planted" at the two sites to suggest that both "Piltdown skulls" dated from the beginning of the Pleistocene period. In 1959 application of radiocarbon dating to the Piltdown calvaria and mandibula confirmed that both were Holocene: Piltdown 1 Homo calvalia: 620 +- 100 BP(GrN-2203). Piltdown Pongo mandubula: 500 +- 100 BP(GrN-2204). J.S.Weiner, K.P.Oakley & W.E.Le Gros Clark 1953, The Solution of the Piltdown problem, Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Geol.), 2: 139-146. J.S.Weiner, W.E.Le Gros Clark, K.P.Oakley, C.F.M.Fryd, G.F.Claringbull, M.H.Hey, A.E.A.Werner, R.J.Plestres, F.H.Edmunds, S.H.U.bowie, C.F.Davidson & A.D.Baynes-Cope 1955, Further Contributions to the Solution of the Piltdown Problem, Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist.(Geol), 2: 225-287. Vries & K.P.Oakley 1959, Radiocarbon Dating fo the Piltcown skull and jaw, Nature, Lond., 184: 224-226. All the Piltdown specimens are in the British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, London S.W.7. Reg. Nos. E 590 (lt fromto-parietale), E 591 (lt temporale), E 592 (rt parietale), E 593(occipitale), E 594 (lt ramus mandibulae), E 610 (ossa masalia), E 611 (canine), all of Piltdown 1; E 646(rt frontale), E 647(occipitale), E 658 (lower Ml), of Piltdown 2.