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B:Gravel pit, Barnfield pit, 08 km. (1/2 mile) SW of All Saints' Church, Swanscombe, kent. TQ597740.
E:A.T.Marston, 29 June 1935(occipitale), 15 March 1936(lt parietale); J.Wymere and A.Gibson, 30 July 1955(rt parietale).
F:Near base of Upper Middle Gravels of 100-ft terrace of river Thames. H.G.Dines 1938, A General Account of the 100-ft Terrace Gravels of the Barnfield Pet, Jl R. anthop. Inst., 68: 21-27. J.Wymer 1955, A Fruther Fragnebt of the Swanscombe Skull, Nature, Lond., 176: 426-427.
H:Hoxnian(=Holsteinian) Interglacial. K.P.Oakley 1952, Swanscombe Man, Proc. Geol. Ass., 63: 271-300. K.P.Oakley 1957, Stratigraphical Age of the swanscombe Skull, Am. J. phys. Anthrop., 15:; 253-260.
I:Middle Acheulian hand-axe industry. C.F.C.Hawkes, K.P.Oakley & S.H.Warraen 1938, The Industries of the Barnfield Pit, Jl R anthrop. Inst., 69: 30-47 J.Wymer 1964, Excavation at Barnfield Pit, 1955-1960, in C.D.Ovey(ed.) 1964, The Swanscombe Skull, Occ. Pap. R. anthrop. Inst., 20: 19-61.
J:Interglacial fauna: Lepus, Clethrionomys, Lemmus, Nicrotys arvalinus, M. cf. arvalisagrestis, M. ratticepoides, Canis cf. lupus, Panthera spelaea, Equus cf. caballus, Dicerorhinus kirchberensis, Cervus elaphus, Dam clactoniana, Megaceros giganteus, Bos primigenius, Palaeoloxdon antiquus. A.J.Sutcliffe 1964, The Mammalian Fauna, in C.D.Ovey(ed.) 1964: 88-89. Freshwater mlluscq including Corbicula fluminalis, Theodoxus serratiliniformis, land mollusca including Hygromia hispida. C.P.Castell 1964, Tje Non-Marine Mollusca, in C.D.Ovey(ed.) 1964: 80-81.
K:Swanscombe 1(3 bones): F=1-4-1-9%, 100F/P205=5-9-6-7%, N=0-0-0-2%, eU308=11-40 ppm. Associated animal bones: F=1-7-2-3%, 100F/205P=5-7-6-8, N=0-05%, eU308=10-32 oom. K.P.Oakley & E.Gardiner 1964, Analytical Data in the Swanscombe Bones, in C.D.Ovey(ed.) 1964: 117-123.
M:Swanscombe 1. adult male: 2 parietalia(i,f), occipitale(i). Holotype of Homosapiens protosapiens Montandon, 1943.